I love a good airport hotel, and the Hilton at the Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) is pretty much perfect. For an airport hotel I mean.

It’s conveniently attached to the airport. It’s clean, fairly quiet, and the views of the city (and the airport) are spectacular. The price can be spectacular as well, but let’s forget about that for a moment and focus on the overall experience instead…

A full review of my most recent stay at the Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel

I’ve stayed at this hotel twice now, and both experiences were pretty good. Neither experience was perfect, but it wasn’t bad enough to make me never want to go back.

Hilton Logan airport location
If there’s one thing to learn from this review, it’s that it’s probably a good idea not to do anything embarrassing at this hotel with the window shades open. Everyone at the airport is going to see you do it.


The Logan Airport Hilton is located on the southwest side of the airport connected directly to Terminal A – which is convenient if you’re flying Delta (because that’s the terminal they use). It should be noted that you can easily walk to this hotel from any other terminal.

hilton Logan airport location map
Hilton Logan airport connecting tunnel
If you squint hard enough, it’ll look like you’re going warp speed as you walk down the tunnel connecting this Hilton to the airport.
Walking through Hilton Logan airport connecting tunnel
Warp speed or not, a moving walkway would be nice. Just sayin’.
Entrance to the Hilton at the Boston Logan airport
Just follow the signs!

The lobby

You’ll actually walk through a majority of the ground floor of this property before reaching the lobby if you’re coming from the airport. Once there, you’ll still have some walking to do, as the check-in desk is located on the far west end of the lobby away from everything else. Pro tip: wear comfortable walking shoes.

Stairs to Hilton hotel Boston Logan airport
I haven’t even entered the lobby and I’m already of the opinion that this kicks the snot out of the ORD Hilton.
Hilton hotel lobby Boston Logan airport
It’s nowhere near as nice as the lobby in the Heathrow Airport Hilton though. Still, not bad looking lobby. Maybe the walk was worth it!
Hilton hotel reception desk Boston Logan airport
Way over yonder (against the back wall) is the reception desk. I felt tempted to snap my fingers to have them come to me, but I didn’t want to press my luck.

The check-in staff was happy and extremely helpful the first time I stayed at this hotel. My most recent visit wasn’t quite as pleasant. The lady checking me in was obviously miffed about something and her demeanor was abrasive to say the least.

Getting to my room

Anyone familiar with Hilton airport hotels aren’t going to be surprised with the majority of the pics in this review. This is very much a Hilton, and it becomes obvious during the sterile and uneventful ride up the elevators. The long walk down the hallways to the guest rooms isn’t any better.

Guest room hallway Hilton Boston Logan airport
If you can smell bleach just by looking at this pic of the 8th floor hallway, you are no doubt a veteran of Hilton airport hotels.
Corner room door Hilton Boston Logan airport
A corner room? Don’t mind if I do.
Room 882 Hilton Boston Logan airport
Room 882 is mine (all mine!) for the night.

The room

I upgraded to a corner room on an upper level floor when I was checking in for my stay online the day before. Never mind that I specifically chose a 10th floor room (which they let me do on the app). The lady checking me and gave me a room on the 8th floor without even apologizing for it.

Corner room Hilton Boston Logan airport
*cautiously pokes head into room*
Corner room layout Hilton Boston Logan airport
Well, despite still being a little salty about being given a room on the 8th floor instead of the 10th, I have to say this ain’t half bad!
Large room Hilton Boston Logan airport
This reminded me a bit of a Westin DTW standard room – but on a much larger scale.
Hilton Boston Logan airport queen bed
A beefy bed! And for those of you not in the know, beefy hotel beds are a good thing.
Large room Hilton Boston Logan airport
Yup. There’s plenty of room for frolicking around in your Scooby Doo underwear.
Hilton Boston Logan airport room size
The size of this room surprised me. This was unexpected – in a good way!
In room desk Hilton Boston Logan airport
This desk looks like a mighty fine place to scarf down a $37 room service pizza to me (though I’d highly recommend wiping it down first).
8th floor corner room Hilton Boston Logan airport
Just look at all that space! It’s almost a shame that they didn’t place the TV in the middle of the room (just like how they do it at the Munich Airport Hilton). 
Hilton Boston Logan airport in room flat screen television
Speaking of the TV, it’s crookedness did not go unnoticed. My OCD almost couldn’t even handle it.
Hilton Boston Logan airport in room furniture
Hold your horses. I’ll show you the view in a moment, but this pic is all about the gray chair. I didn’t dare sit in it, btw.
Hilton Boston Logan airport room design
Anyway – I quite liked the simplicity of this room. It was basically everything I hoped the funky-looking Austin Airport Hilton would be.
Hilton Boston Logan airport tv stand and desk
Under the TV (and attached to the desk) you’ll find…
Hilton Boston Logan airport complimentary bottled water
…complimentary bottled water, a cheap a** coffee maker, and…
Hilton Boston Logan airport in room refrigerator
…a refrigerator (an excellent place to leave surprises for the cleaning staff).
Hilton Boston Logan airport in room closet
Oh, and there is a closet between the bathroom and the main room as well. No dead skeletons in here, thank goodness.

It’s worth noting that choosing a corner room is the usually best option for anyone wanting the most space. I recently chose a corner room at the New Orleans Airport Hilton, and it was just as large as the one you see in these pics. Spacious rooms FTW. 

The view

If you’re wondering if it’s worth paying a little extra for a room with a view at the Logan Airport Hilton, I can assure you that it is. My room was facing both the airport and the city – and it was easily one of the best views I’ve ever had from a hotel room. Almost as good as the view from the TWA hotel Howard Hughes Suite!

View of airport from room Hilton Boston Logan
Wow! Trust me on this: you’ll never feel as powerful as the moment you stand overlooking a major airport wearing nothing but your favorite Scooby Doo underwear.
View of city from room Hilton Boston Logan
I had a pretty nice view of the Boston skyline as well since this was a corner room.
View from corner room Hilton Boston Logan airport
Seriously – do yourself a favor and pay a little (ok, a lot) extra for a corner room. You won’t regret it!
Hilton Boston logan panoramic windows view of airport and city
Good news: if you don’t want to spend money for the upgrade, the windows near the elevators on each floor have panoramic windows for checking out the action. I’d advise against standing at these windows in nothing but your underwear.

The bathroom

I have only three words to describe the bathroom: “Hilton” and “airport hotel.” Basically, if you’ve ever stayed in any other Hilton airport hotel anywhere in the world (except the Frankfurt Airport Hilton – that was nice), the bathrooms will be of no surprise. They’re functional, sterile, and completely void of any character.

Hilton Boston logan airport bathroom door
Do you really want to see it?
Hilton Boston logan airport in room toilet
You realize that you just made the effort to scroll down to see pics of the toilet, right?
Hilton Boston logan airport bathroom sink and vanity
And now you’re looking at pics of the sink. #smh
Hilton Boston logan airport bathroom
Hilton Boston logan airport complimentary toiletries
Complimentary toiletries to wash away your sins.
Hilton Boston logan airport moldy tub
Actually, you might want to use some of that stuff to wash away some of the mold here in the tub.
Hilton Boston logan airport shower and tub
Just think of all the bacteria you can’t see!

Restaurants and cafés

There are two on-site restaurants located in the lobby. Between them is a kiosk for grabbing a quick cup of coffee and a snack (such as muffins or pastries). I had breakfast in the Berkshire’s Restaurant, and it was pretty good. Exorbitantly expensive, but good.

Connolly’s House restaurant Hilton Boston logan airport
This is the entrance to the Connolly’s House restaurant, which wasn’t open at 9am on the day of my visit. Either that or they shut’r down quick when they heard I was coming.
Berkshire’s restaurant Hilton Boston logan airport
Just a few steps to the right is the Berkshire’s Restaurant. It’s a lot more casual (which is more my style), so I took a chance on it.
Berkshire’s restaurant tables Hilton Boston logan airport
They definitely cater to the “table for one” crowd.
Berkshire’s restaurant breakfast Hilton Boston logan airport
Breakfast! For those of who are curious, Swiss cheese, turkey sausage, and tomatoes (with a side of potatoes) is how I roll.
Cafe Presto Hilton Boston logan airport
FYI, Cafe Presto is your only option for a quick grab-and-go meal. It was named appropriately.

Pros and cons of the Hilton at the Boston Logan International Airport

I have stayed at this hotel multiple times already, and I am prepared to do it again. It’s expensive, but it is convenient. Which is a perfect segue into my list of pros and cons:


  • The location (attached directly to Terminal A) is excellent. No matter what terminal you’re flying in or out of, it’s an extremely convenient option.
  • It’s surprisingly quiet. I slept soundly during both of my visits, with the only noise I heard being people in the rooms above mine stomping like elephants.
  • The views of the airport are spectacular. You’ll get a nice look at both the airport and the downtown city skyline.


  • Holy hell is it ever expensive! It’s going to be really hard to find a good deal for a one night stay at this hotel, which makes it the most expensive Boston Airport hotel (by far).
  • The televisions aren’t Internet enabled (which means no Netflix or YouTube). Boo!
  • Although the rooms appear to be squeaky clean, I developed some sort of a rash over my entire body after my last visit which was annoying to say the least. I can’t say with 100% certainty it was because of germs or bacteria in my room, but the timing of it was highly suspicious.

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