My name is Scott. Scott Leazenby to be more specific. I grew up in Holly Michigan, and I am currently living in San Diego California. My favorite color is blue, and my favorite food is popcorn.

Wait. Is that how these introductions are supposed to work?

This website is a personal travel diary of sorts. I’ve been travel blogging since 2014, mostly writing about my air travel experiences. If you’re just dying to read about that kind of stuff, do a Google search for SANspotter. That’s me.

Anyway, even though SANspotter is focused mostly on air travel, I still enjoyed writing about the destinations I visited. But my audience didn’t. All they wanted to read about was airplanes. Which is fine, because airplanes are cool. I get it.

In November 2022, I decided to move all of my general / destination-specific travel content from SANspotter to this website. Doing so would allow me to continue writing about destinations pacific travel commitment without pissing off my aviation audience. I loves me a good win-win.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!