It was an admittedly bold choice for a man of my age to choose to stay at the W Hotel in downtown Seattle. I was worried that it would be too cool for me. To hip. Too loud.

Thankfully, this was the ‘mildest’ W hotel that I’ve ever experienced. Yes, there was a lot of red neon. But it was quiet. Relatively simple. Most importantly, most of the other guests were benign looking middle-aged people just like me. My peoples!

A full review of my one night stay at the W Hotel in downtown Seattle

For those of you who don’t know, the ‘W’ brand is Marriott’s attempt at attracting a younger / hipper / guest (the kind who craves social interaction). It’s basically the opposite of what I look for in a hotel. I took a gamble by choosing to stay at this property, and I’m happy to report that it was a really nice experience.


The W is located on the corner of 4th and Seneca St. in Seattle. It’s just four blocks from the waterfront, and very centrally located in the heart of the downtown area. It’s the perfect hotel to use as your home base while exploring the Emerald City on foot IMHO. The airport is just 20 minutes away airport via a taxi or Uber. There is no airport shuttle service.

Entrance to the W hotel downtown Seattle
At the very least, I’m sure they saved a lot of money on signage by not having spell out a long-winded name. Welcome to the W Seattle!
Exterior of the W Hotel downtown Seattle
There’s no mistaking this for an H Hotel, that’s for dang sure.

The lobby (and checking in)

Unlike my last W hotel experience (The W Hotel in downtown Austin), I didn’t hear – or feel – any thumping bass coming from the lounge as I walked through the main entrance. The lobby was as quiet as a library – but visually exciting as a nightclub. 

W hotel Seattle lobby and reception desk
The reception desk. I can only hope that he got a discount on his room for showing up in W brand colors.
W Hotel downtown Seattle lobby
Where am I again? Oh that’s right. The dubya.
W Hotel Seattle lobby and lounge
It’s actually a really nice lobby. The coffee station is much appreciated, and I’m sure that lounge area (with a stage) pops off every Friday and Saturday night. The only thing missing is a stripper pole!

Getting to my room

I learned a lot from my last W experience. This time, to be sure that I would be as far away from all the party noise as possible, I chose a room on the 18th floor. It was a long elevator ride to the top, but oh so very worth it.

W Hotel downtown Seattle elevators
Elevators or stairs (your choice). Considering that my room is on the 18th ******* floor, I opted for the mother******* elevator.
W hotel Seattle elevator floor mats
Shoutout to the poor soul who is tasked with switching out these elevator floor mats 3 times times a day.
W hotel Seattle 18th floor hallway
All that neon disappeared real quick here on the 18th floor, didn’t it?
Scott walking through the 18th floor hallway W Hotel downtown Seattle
“What if…the stripper poles are in the rooms?”
Room 1804 W Hotel Seattle
Room 1804. I’m ready for it, but the question is: is it ready for me?

The room

As soon as I opened the door to my room, it became fairly obvious that this property used to be a low budget hotel. Sure, it was a nicely designed room, but the structure of it was very simple. It was essentially a box with fancy wall coverings (not typical of other W Hotels).

Walking into the room W Hotel Seattle
404 stripper pole not found.
W hotel downtown seattle double bed room
OK. This is certainly isn’t bad, but I will admit that I was expecting something a little swankier.
W hotel Seattle double beds
These beds look pretty good to me (if a little thin). Eliminate just one of them, and there will be plenty of room for that stripper pole methinks. To anyone from the W corporate office who may be reading this, feel free to contact me. I’ve got lots of other really great ideas!
W Hotel downtown Seattle TV
From this view (next to the TV), it’s hard to tell what brand of hotel this is. Generic city, baby!
W Hotel Seattle room decor
Some views are better than others though. Now this looks like a dubya!
W Hotel Seattle in room wallpaper
Wood planks harvested directly from Mount Rainier National Park? Ha! It’s wallpaper.
W Hotel Seattle in room lighting
If the wood ain’t real, the gas lamps certainly aren’t either. They look good though.
W Hotel downtown Seattle room details
It’s basic(ally a fairly simple room with a smattering of fancy touches).
W Hotel downtown Seattle room window
This seating area next to the window is nice. It’s also a nice place for all of downtown Seattle to see you doing disgusting things, so…behave!
Scarred sitting in a room with a W Hotel downtown Seattle
Thankfully I am far more boring than I am disgusting.
W Hotel downtown Seattle room overview
Meh. This is certainly a nice room, but not typical of a W Hotel IMHO.
Room at the W Hotel in downtown Seattle
They should have went balls out with the wood paneling wallpaper. I told you that I was full of great ideas!
W hotel downtown seattle in room snacks
The near unlimited supply of extremely expensive snacks is very ‘W’ though. They must make a killing on this stuff.
W Hotel downtown Seattle minibar
I mean, if you’re going to spend $15 on a little bag of M&Ms, you might as well get totally s**tfaced with something from the minibar.
W Hotel downtown Seattle Boeing 747 blanket
Oh! The aviation nerd in me found this blanket to be really interesting. It’s essentially a pattern of 1:44 scale model Boeing 747-8 parts (something that I don’t think that many partygoers here at the W would give two s**ts about).
W Hotel downtown Seattle phone, complementary water, coffee maker, and the USB charging outlets
Because it ain’t a proper hotel review without pics of the phone, complementary water, coffee maker, and the USB charging outlets. #nailedit

The view

Selecting (and paying more for) a room on the 18th floor was so very much worth it. The view was nothing short of spectacular – and it reminded me a lot of the view that I had in my room at the Westin in downtown Phoenix. I did have to wonder if anyone in the surrounding buildings could watch my every move, though.

View from 18th floor room at the W Hotel downtown Seattle
Now that’s a view! My apologies to anyone in any of these buildings who saw me doing things they will never be able to unsee.

The bathroom

Just like the rest of the room, the bathroom was stale, sterile, and reminiscent of the Hilton (or whatever) that preceded the W. It was large though, and very clean. I very much appreciated the robe.

W Hotel downtown Seattle bathroom
How many people do you suppose have made it this far into the review? Those that bailed 20 pics ago have missed out on the best part (the bathroom).
W Hotel downtown Seattle bathroom vanity and shower
Actually, that was a bit of an exaggeration. The bathroom is certainly nice, but nothing worth sticking around for.
W Hotel downtown Seattle toilet
Just think of all the things you could be doing instead of looking at this pic of the toilet!
W Hotel downtown Seattle tub and shower
Isn’t it a rule that swanky ‘party’ hotels have to have a glass walled showers? What fun is a night at the W without pressing your buttocks (or breasts) up against the glass like they do in rap videos?
W Hotel downtown Seattle bathroom vanity
Behold (if you dare) the bathroom vanity.
W Hotel downtown Seattle robe
Thank you for providing a bathrobe! It went a long way towards making me feel less salty about not being able to press my buttocks against the glass.

Room service

It’s not very often that I’ll order room service, but it was late (and I was hungry). I reluctantly chose the $40 Kobe beef burger, and you know what? It was probably one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever had in my life. No lie!

W Hotel downtown Seattle room service hamburger
I’m convinced that this hamburger (topped with thick cut bacon and oozing with cheese) took five years of my life. But you know what? It was so freakin’ worth it.

Pros and cons of the W Seattle experience

Whether or not I would choose to stay at this property again would depend on the price. There are a lot of other great hotels in the immediate area, so they would have to offer me a deal I couldn’t refuse to get me to come back. Honestly? A free Kobe beef burger is all that it would take.


  • The location is excellent. It’s within walking distance of everything in the core downtown area.
  • Maybe it was because I stayed on Thursday night (as opposed to a Friday or Saturday), but I didn’t get the loud / obnoxious ‘party’ vibe that I’ve felt in other W Hotels.
  • The views from the upper floor rooms are worth paying more for.


  • The rooms are very basic. This was not designed from the ground up to be a hip / stylish W Hotel.
  • There is no shuttle service from the airport. Expect to pay $70(ish) each way for an Uber or taxi.

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