The CDG Sheraton is more about convenience that it is a luxury hotel experience. As a matter of fact, it’s not really all that great of a hotel if I’m being completely honest.

The rooms are small and outdated, and it’s outrageously expensive for the quality of service you will receive. That said, being attached directly to the airport does have it’s advantages.

A full review of my 1 night stay at the Sheraton CDG (Charles de Gaulle Airport)

I’ve stayed at the Sheraton connected to the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris twice now. I was equally disappointed with the room and extremely satisfied with how convenient it was both times. Funny how that works, right?

The location

The Sheraton at CDG is located in Terminal 2 between the C & D piers. Just walk towards Terminal 2C, and it’ll be impossible to miss. Sort of. You kind of have to be on the lookout for it.

Sheraton CDG terminal 2C
The Sheraton is easy to miss here in Terminal 2C if you’re feeling delirious after a long flight, but hang in there – it’s just up ahead to the left.

One of the best things about it’s location is that it’s situated right above the train platforms. It’ll take just five minutes to walk from the entrance of this hotel to any train leaving the airport.

Sheraton CDG main entrance
I’m kinda surprised they didn’t go with a larger font for “Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel” above the doors at the main entrance. Jet lag is a mofo, and weary travelers need all the help they can get!

Checking in

One of the oddest things about the Sheraton CDG is the location of its check-in desk. It’s situated annoyingly far from the main entrance, and off into a corner a bit. It’s not easy to spot at first glance.

Sheraton CDG lobby
The first thing you’ll see in the lobby after walking through the main entrance is jet lagged travelers who gave up looking for the reception desk the elevators.
Sheraton CDG concierge desk
Immediately to the right is the concierge desk, a bar / lounge, and a man looking very concerned about my desire to be a hotel reviewer (it’s a weird ambition, I know).
Sheraton CDG restaurant
There’s another nice looking restaurant on the other side. If this feels too fancy for you, don’t worry – there’s a McDonalds just 3 minutes away out in the terminal.
Sheraton CDG reception desk
Reception desk spotted!
Sheraton CDG check in desk
“Yeah, I know, I couldn’t find this mother****** either.”

Getting to my room

This is a fairly deceptive hotel. Everything about it (except for the individual rooms) looks upscale and luxurious. This is especially evident during the elevator ride and walk your room. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful architecture, which (unfortunately) will set your expectations too high.

Sheraton CDG elevator
Pro tip: tone down your expectations a bit on the elevator ride up to your room. You’ll thank me later.
Sheraton CDG atrium
This is what you’ll see immediately after stepping off the elevator. I didn’t get a picture of it (shame on me), but if you look all the way down, you can see the train platforms from here. Pretty cool!
Sheraton CDG guest room hallway
And I know – you’re probably thinking I’m over exaggerating how disproportionately nice the hallways are compared the the rooms, but stay with me…
Sheraton CDG room 325
Jackpot. Room 325 is mine for the night.

Sorry, but I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be disappointed as soon as you open the door to your room.

The room

Don’t give me wrong. I have nothing against airport hotels with small rooms (as proven by my gushing review of the Royal Park Hotel at the Tokyo Haneda Airport). I’ve never felt like I needed a large room at an airport hotel, as it’s basically just a place to sleep.

The thing that I don’t like about the rooms at the Sheraton CDG is how outdated they are. Sure, they are clean and quiet, but they feel like cheap dorm rooms.

Sheraton CDG room
Truthfully, after an 18 hour journey from the US, this could have been a concrete prison cell and I still would have been happy with it. Just something to keep in mind as I start complaining…
Sheraton CDG twin beds
Now there’s a sight for sore (travel weary) eyes! The beds look good.
Sheraton CDG room color
Yeah, the color palette seems a bit “IAH Marriott” to me. Just sayin’.
Sheraton CDG room details
What happened to all that funky design I saw out in the hallway? How this hotel shares the same name with the Sheraton Grand Dubai I’ll never know.
Sheraton CDG room decor
I’m not sure, but wouldn’t that empty wall would be a really good spot for one of those classical French naked lady paintings? Just an idea.
Sheraton CDG room furniture
This is the view looking towards the door. Interestingly enough, that cabinet is just one of two cryogenic chamber looking things you’ll see in this review. Keep scrolling to see the other one…
Sheraton CDG room seating
Yeah, that’s an odd place for a chaise lounge, but whatever. I’m still delirious from 18 hours of travel so this is of little concern to me.
Sheraton CDG room storage
Over there in the corner is closet number one.
Sheraton CDG ironing board and safe
Contents of said closet. This is just about as fancy pants as the JFK Sheraton, so at least they’re being consistent.
Sheraton CDG closet for hanging clothes
Those of you who actually take pride in the way you look will appreciate the second closet (ideal for hanging jackets, suits, and dresses) located on the opposite side.
Sheraton CDG in room phone
“Hello front desk? I just wanted to let you know that I might forget to wake up and check out tomorrow. This jet lag is kicking my ***.”
Sheraton CDG power outlets
Yes, there are plenty of power outlets in this room but they are are ALL the round / European style plugs. It’s also important to know that there are no USB power outlets.
Sheraton CDG selfie
Guess who forgot to bring his European plug adapter with him from the US?
Sheraton Paris airport hotel room
Being stupid like me and forgetting to bring plug adapters isn’t the end of the world here at the Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel. There’s a convenience store downstairs (out in the terminal) that sells them for about $9US.
Sheraton Paris airport hotel in room hot water maker
Oh, and yes – there is a hot water maker here in the room for making instant coffee and tea (if you’re that desperate).
Sheraton Paris airport hotel in room coffee and tea
Unfortunately (probably fortunately), I didn’t try it.
Sheraton CDG bottled water and refrigerator
Good news: there is complimentary bottled water in the in-room refrigerator. Bad news: the refrigerator was absolutely disgusting on the inside.

The bathroom

I’ve got a love / hate relationship with the in-room bathrooms in this Sheraton. On one hand, they look great and they are very practical.

On the other hand, the hot water system has a mind of its own and it’s nothing short of infuriating when you’re trying to take a shower. The hot water kept fluctuating between extremely hot to bone-chillingly cold both times that I’ve stayed here.

Sheraton CDG bathroom
The bathroom. FYI, it was a fantastic place to rinse the 18 hours of airplane filth from my travel-weary body. I was starting to worry about airport Sheraton bathrooms after my recent stay at the Sheraton Gateway at YYZ, so maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem.
Sheraton CDG bathroom vanity
That’s the bidet, right? European toilets confuse me.
Sheraton CDG toilet
I know a toilet when I see one. And I appreciate the dual rolls of toilet paper (which will come in handy if all the airplane food I’ve eaten in the last 18 hours comes back to haunt me).
Sheraton CDG shower
See? I told you that you’d see another cryogenic chamber in this review. It’s a pretty neat shower – though a bit common in European hotels in my experience. FWIW, there was a shower just like it in my room at The Westin Grand Munich.
Sheraton CDG shower head
What was not so neat was the hot water delivery. The water temperature swings from this shower head were wild (and wildly infuriating).
Sheraton CDG tub
Thankfully there is a deep tub to retreat to if you need a more relaxed cleansing experience.
Sheraton CDG bathroom power outlets
One final reminder to bring European style plug adapters with you. You’re welcome.

The view

As you might have assumed, a hotel being attached directly to the airport offers some pretty good views of the terminals from the upper floor rooms.

Sheraton CDG window view
Forget all the bad things I said about this room so far. The view of the airport makes up for it. #thumbsup
Sheraton CDG view of airport from room
I had a view of terminal 2F from this room. Not bad!

Since the Charles de Gaulle Airport is shaped like a horseshoe, and this Sheraton is located in the center of it, it doesn’t matter which side your room is on. You’ll have a pretty nice view from any angle. I do recommend getting a room on a higher floor if possible though.

Sheraton CDG plane spotting
For reference, this is the view I had from my room on my first visit (which was located on the other side). The only time I’ve been closer than this to an A380 from hotel room was during my stay in the TWA Hotel Howard Hughes Suite. A380s FTW!

Would I stay here again?

Absolutely! I’m not a fan of the outdated rooms, and the showers are extremely annoying thanks to an unreliable hot water source, but the convenience of being connected directly to the airport far outweighs the negatives.

It can take up to an hour to take a train from central Paris to the airport, so not having to deal with that for an early morning flight makes staying at the Sheraton worth the cost. That’s my opinion anyway.

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