If for whatever reason you find yourself in Grand Blanc (or Flint) Michigan needing a place to stay for a while, I can’t recommend the Home2 Suites (located just off I 75) highly enough.

It’s a newly built extended-stay property with apartment-like suites that even a curmudgeon would like. They feature kitchens (without stoves), generous workspaces, and comfortable bedrooms. Go ahead. You deserve it.

A full review of my 1 night stay at the Home2 Suites in Grand Blanc, MI

Remember my full review of the Grand Blanc Fairfield Inn and Suites? The Home2 Suites property is located right next-door. You could throw a rock from one to the other without tearing any ligaments in your arm. 


The Grand Blanc Home2 Suites Is located on the N. Holly Rd. exit (108) on I 75. if you’re coming from the south, turn right. If you’re coming from the north, turn left. 

Home2 Suites Grand Blanc exterior
No, the exterior of the Home2 Suites here in Grand Blanc doesn’t look very ‘home-like’ – but I’m cold and tired (and I’d sleep in a tent at this point), so I’m going in.

The lobby (and checking in)

What is it with hotels in this area? Just as it was when checking in at the Fairfield Inn and Suites just next-door (a year ago), I had to wait a few minutes for someone to show up at the reception desk. It was a fairly interesting wait though, as the lobby is pretty darn nice.

Home2 Suites lobby
OK, yeah. The lobby is definitely a little more home-like then the exterior. I can work with this.
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc reception desk
A noticeably vacant reception desk. Take your time. I’m in no rush.

I like how they designed the lobby to be a space for both social interaction and working. It’s a perfect place to hang out – at least for anyone who prefers not to be cramped up in their suite all alone. 

Home2 Suites Grand Blanc lobby social space
At the very least, if nobody shows up to check me in, I’ve got dibs on the couch.
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc lobby cafeteria
There’s even a cafeteria here in the lobby (which I’ve been told is the place to be early in the a.m.). The kind lady who checked me in basically made it sound like the hottest joint in all of Grand Blanc.

Finding my suite

I managed to score a corner suite on the third floor. This involved a quick elevator ride and a long walk down the top floor hallway, but it was worth it. During that walk, I took notice of how quiet the property seemed. So far so good.  

Home2 Suites Grand Blanc third-floor hallway
“Walk towards the light” they said. Yep, my suite is all the way at the end (just the way I like it).
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc suite 302
Suite 302 is mine for the night. Mine!

Suite overview

To be honest, I didn’t find this particular suite to be near as nice as the one that I had next-door over at the Fairfield Inn. This was certainly nice (and very clean), but it felt a little cheaper than that other suite. 

Home2 Suites Grand Blanc room entrance
OK. I’m getting ‘college dorm room’ vibes right off the bat.
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc room overview
More specifically, ‘the nicest freaking college dorm room ever seen’ kind of vibe, but still.
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc living room
Not gonna lie. I was nodding my head in appreciation of this as I was taking these pictures. I like the simplicity!
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc in room kitchen
A kitchen too! I take back all the cursing I was doing under my breath as I was waiting for someone to check me in downstairs 10 minutes ago.

Having a full kitchen was nice! I’ve never had a hotel room suite with a full-size dishwasher before, so that was definitely a plus. There is no stove though, so you won’t be doing any cooking here (other than what you can whip up in the microwave). 

Home2 Suites Grand Blanc silverware, dishes, and dishwasher
A full drawer full of utensils, cupboards full of dishes, and a full-size dishwasher. F**k me.
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc microwave
Hopefully you’re handy with a microwave though, because this is the only option for cooking food in here (unless you’re extremely talented with a dishwasher as well).
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc in room desk
Why do I feel like I have a paper due in the morning all of a sudden?
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc standing in room looking towards entrance door
No, this ain’t exactly the Westin DTW Hospitality Suite, but it’s a sweet suite nonetheless.
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc room decor and furniture
I don’t dare criticize this considering how much nicer this is than a lot of apartments I’ve had in the past. I’m not that much of a snob!
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc selfie
Basically, any hotel room that I am willing (and able) to do the Superman pose in means it’s a good one. I like!
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc King bed
This is a bold statement, but I’m going on record saying that I like the colors and textures in here just as much as I did in the room that I had at the Munich Airport Hilton. This is dope.
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc bedroom dresser and closet
Sure, the furniture is a lot flimsier (and cheaper), but like I said earlier: this works.
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc bedroom
Trying not to think of all the disgusting things that have happened in this bed as I walk around taking all these pics.
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc bedroom selfie
Shoutout to those of you who have ever fornicated (or plan to) here in suite 302.
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc bedroom details
For the record, fornicating here in the Grand Blanc Home2 Suites sounds like a pretty nice way to spend the evening IMHO.

The view

I had a north facing suite for this 1 night stay, and the view was OK. The views to the west are what you want though (for those bomb *** Michigan sunsets). 

Home2 Suites Grand Blanc window view
Aha! Things definitely starting feeling a bit more ‘homey’ when I opened the window blinds. This is definitely the move to make it feel more comfortable and “home-like.’
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc view from room looking north
This is the view facing north. I’ll take an overview of a parking lot rather than being forced to look directly into someone else’s window just across the street (any day of the week).

The window blinds are excellent by the way. The blackout shades do an excellent job of blocking nearly 100% of the sunlight during the daytime. The thinner shades work well to diffuse and soften direct sunlight.

The bathroom

I think it was the bathroom that impressed me the most. It was a large, very clean, and well laid out. The fully enclosed shower with a glass door was nice – seems like a lot of hotels are skimping out on fully enclosed showers these days. 

Home2 Suites Grand Blanc bathroom
The bathroom. Large. Clean. Stylish. I especially like how the toilet seemed strong enough to flush a cinderblock.
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc bathroom vanity
The view looking the other way. Sorry, there will be no TV watching while sitting on the throne.
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc bathroom shower
Someday, this shower will be old and crusty enough to be declared ‘filthy and disgusting.’ Today is not that day.
Home2 Suites Grand Blanc bathroom wallpaper
My only complaint? I still can’t figure out what the pattern is on the wall.

Pros and cons of the Grand Blanc Home2 Suites 

Honestly, I would probably stay at the Fairfield Inn next door before I would stay at the Home2 suites again. Not that I found this property to be bad or anything. It just felt a little cheaper (a little more low budget), that’s all. Here are all my specific pros and cons:


  • It’s an extremely clean new build. You’re not going to have to worry about mold and leaky faucets.
  • It’s very quiet! I never once heard any other guests, even though the parking lot was full. 
  • The kitchen (even without a stove) came in really handy. I took advantage of it more than I thought I would.


  • The cheap (and flimsy) furniture makes it feel like a low budget experience
  • Why is there no stove in the kitchen? Come on man!

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