I fully admit that spending one night in a Hospitality Suite at the Westin DTW was overkill. But you know what? It was kinda fun.

The Hospitality Suite is essentially a small apartment. It features a full kitchen, a dining room, living room, and a large bedroom. It’s very nice – though maybe not quite as luxurious as you might think it is.

A full review of my one night stay in a Westin DTW Hospitality Suite

The Hospitality Suite is exactly what it sounds like. Think of it as a small one bedroom apartment atop the Westin Hotel connected to the Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW). For those of you wondering what a regular room is like at this property, be sure to read my Westin DTW standard room review.


The Westin at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport is connected to the McNamara Terminal (where the Delta gates are). You can enter the lobby directly from inside the terminal before 8 PM. Afterwards, you’ll have to go through the exterior entrance.

Entrance to the westin dtw Hotel from within the airport terminal
Good news: there’s an entrance to the hotel from directly within the airport terminal. Bad news: you’ll be cussing like a sailor when you realize that it closes at 8 PM.
Entrance to the westin dtw hotel from the ticketing hall
This is the other entrance (accessible via the main ticketing hall in the McNamara Terminal). At least there was no one around to hear me spewing expletives.

The lobby (and checking in)

I’ve never been a very big fan of the lobby of this hotel. It’s dark, kind of gloomy, and not very inviting IMHO. That said, none of that really matters when you know that you’ll be spending the night (and living the high life) in a Hospitality Suite.

Westin DTW hotel reception desk
The reception desk. Sorry, there is no dedicated check-in area for Hospitality Suite guests. You’ll be forced to mingle with the riff-raff.
Westin dtw airport hotel lobby
I mean, it’s a nice looking lobby and all, but it is awfully dark. No matter though – I am Hospitality Suite bound!

Finding the Hospitality Suite

This is an 8 story hotel. The Hospitality Suites are located on the very top floor. No, there are no dedicated elevators to these suites – although it sure would be nice if there was. Just sayin’.

Westin dtw Hotel elevators
Don’t worry. Humming the theme song to the Jeffersons as you ascend to the 8th floor (and your sweet a** suite) is completely normal. Just go with it.
Westin dtw hotel 8th floor hallway
Weird. I assumed the hallway on the top floor would be a little more fancy pants than this…

Suite overview

Cracking open the door to the Hospitality Suite for the very first time is a pretty neat feeling. I honestly had no idea what to expect before walking in, but I will say this: I did feel baller AF. It was an admittedly strange feeling considering how sweet of a deal I got for this one night stay.

Entering the westin dtw hospitality suite
Hello? Anyone home? There better not be. This is all mine!
Free bottles of water westin dtw hospitality suite
Seeing two complementary bottles of water here in the entrance was nice. I could’ve done without the reflection of the creepy guy in the mirror though.
Westin dtw hospitality suite dining room table
Whoa. This is, like, nice. Never mind the fact that the dining room table seems a bit overkill for the Chick-fil-A I brought with me.
Westin dtw hospitality suite living room
The living room (with seating for six). It’s weird how they naturally assumed that I was going to be bringing an entourage with me.
Westin dtw hospitality suite chairs
Can you imagine how much more interesting my hotel reviews would be if I had an entourage? At least the chairs are clean.
Westin dtw hospitality suite overview
This is an overview of the entire main space (as seen from hiding behind the dining room table).
Westin dtw hospitality suite main entrance door
Looking back at the main entrance from the living room (as if you’d ever feel the urge to leave this place).
Westin dtw hospitality suite dining room and kitchen
Yes, that’s the entrance to the kitchen that you see on the left. F**k me for bringing Chick-fil-A!
Westin dtw hospitality suite kitchen
The kitchen. What are they expecting me to do with all this cabinet space?
Westin dtw hospitality suite kitchen cabinets
At the very least, I can declare this as the best ever cabinet space I’ve ever experienced in a hotel room. I can’t imagine this ever being topped.
Westin dtw hospitality suite kitchen refrigerator, sink, and cabinets
You’re going to have to bring your own dishware though.
Scott being amazed by the Westin dtw hospitality suite
This is dope, yo.
Westin dtw hospitality suite king bed
Honestly, I didn’t even need this bed considering how nice the couch looked.
Bedroom overview westin dtw hospitality suite
The bedroom is nice! Yeah, the couch (which is positioned perfectly for someone to sit and watch you sleep) is kind of creepy, but it’s hard for me to snub my nose at this.
Westin dtw hospitality suite mini refrigerator in bedroom
The person (or people) watching you sleep will no doubt appreciate this refrigerator built into the bedroom furniture.
Westin dtw hospitality suite in room coffee maker
Looks like this Instant coffee maker has never been used, doesn’t it? I don’t even drink coffee, but I know darn well to stay away from this sort of thing.

The view

As one might expect, the view of the terminals at DTW are pretty good from the 8th floor of the Westin. The suite I was in faced south, offering a pretty good view of Delta 717s and A320s at fairly close range. Was it as stunning as the view that I had from the TWA Hotel Howard Hughes Suite? Hell no. But it was good enough for who it was for.

View of the airport from the Westin dtw hospitality suite
What a view, eh? Warning: the Hospitality Suite is not the kind of place where you want to stand in the windows naked (unless you enjoy being visited by the Department of Homeland Security at 2 AM).

The bathroom

Being able to spend a night in the Hospitality Suite was interesting enough – but the handicap accessible bathroom was the icing on the cake. I mean, my room at the Tokyo Haneda Airport Hotel was smaller than this bathroom for cryin’ out loud. It was obnoxiously awesome having a bathroom this large all to myself.

Westin dtw hospitality suite closet and bathroom
I’ll try to unpack what is happening here as succinctly as possible: basically, I’m standing in the bedroom looking through the closet into a bathroom the size of a small hotel room. Whoa!
Westin dtw hospitality suite toilet
Any toilet situated in a room which you can spray down with a fire hose is my kind a toilet.
Westin dtw hospitality suite handicap accessible bathroom
Oh, the kinds of messes I could make in here! It should be noted that this is a handicap accessible bathroom, so not all Hospitality Suites here at the Westin DTW are going to be this freaking awesome.
Westin dtw hospitality suite dual bathroom sinks
Dual sinks even. Which one would you choose?
Westin dtw hospitality suite shower
The shower was pretty nice actually! Note that there is no tub in the Hospitality Suite (unless you’re willing to get creative with the dual sinks).
Westin dtw hospitality suite bathroom tile
Doing my best impression of what the CEO of the company who supplied these tiles looked like when he/she won this contract.
Westin dtw hospitality suite half bath
Oh – there’s another bathroom in the suite (located just off the main entrance) which isn’t quite as fancy. All going to say is that it performed admirably during my one night stay.

Pros and cons of the Hospitality Suite at the Westin DTW

Perhaps the best way to sum up my experience to say that I enjoyed it very much. That said, I’ll probably never do it again. It was just too much space for one person, and it felt a bit wasted on an idiot like me.


  • It’s huge! The hospitality suite is what you want if you tend too feel claustrophobic in small hotel rooms.
  • It was extremely quiet. I never once heard another guest at any point during the night.
  • I really liked the apartment-like layout. It felt like staying in someone’s home rather than an airport hotel.


  • It felt (and smelled) a little cheap. The smell of chlorine bleach mixed with the touch of faux wood on the furniture made it feel like a standard-issue hotel room.
  • The kitchen would’ve been a lot more useful with a stovetop.
  • I had a difficult time trying to keep the temperature regulated all night. It was either too dang hot or too freaking cold.

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