Unfortunately, I’ll just cut to the chase and say that the hotel connected to the Miami International Airport did not live up to my expectations. Sure, it’s convenient, but I didn’t expect it to be so old and rundown.

A full review of my 1 night stay at the Miami International Airport Hotel

Of course I knew that it wasn’t going be as good as newer airport terminal hotels (such as the Calgary Airport Marriott), but I was hoping g that it would be decent. I mean, it’s connected to one of the greatest airports on earth. It just had to be, right? Not exactly…

The name alone should’ve been enough to tell me that this wasn’t going to be a really nice hotel. The fact that they couldn’t come up with a name more creative than “The Miami International Airport Hotel” speaks volumes – and I should’ve realized that before going in.

What you need to know about the Miami International Airport Hotel
  • Not only is it the only hotel within walking distance of the Miami Airport (MIA), it's the only hotel attached directly to the terminal.
  • It's somewhat outdated and the rooms are small, BUT - it's clean, quiet, and extremely convenient.
  • It's an excellent hotel for getting a good nights rest before or after a long flight. It is not a good plane spotting hotel (because the windows are small in the views are so so).

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The location

Miami International Airport Hotel location map
Location map of the Miami International Airport Hotel.
Miami International Airport Hotel terminal signage
There are very few signs for the hotel in the main terminal, so pay attention!
Miami International Airport ticketing hall
You’ll have to go downstairs to the ticketing level to find it.
Miami International Airport Hotel directions
There we go! Finally starting to see some signs for this place.
Miami International Airport Hotel sign
Found it! It’s not a very creative name, but I do like the retro style of the logo.

The entrance to this hotel is located at the check in level at the very center of the airport. And it wasn’t really even an entrance.

I was actually looking for a large doorway and a big sign, but the check in desk is literally located in the middle of the terminal with very little to separate it from the throngs of passengers checking in for flights. I actually walked past it three times before I realized it was the hotel.

The lobby and check in desk

Miami International Airport Hotel lobby
Don’t blink, otherwise you’ll miss it. This is the lobby, which doesn’t actually look much different than the rest of the terminal.
Miami International Airport Hotel check in desk
The check in desk.

It was after 11 PM when I checked in, and the desk was staffed by two people. One of them was assisting a customer that needed a lot of help, and the other just stood there working on something without acknowledging me at all.

Finally, after five minutes waiting while the other agent was helping the other customer, she finally looked up at me and asked if she could help. Ok then.

Getting to my room

Miami International Airport Hotel 7th floor guest room hallway
Trudging up to my room on the 7th floor.
Miami International Airport Hotel room 741
Room 741 was mine for the night.

The room

Walking into the room for the first time was highly disappointing. So disappointing that I actually felt more let down than I ever have when checking into a hotel. Seriously – I wasn’t expecting anything like the Barclay InterContinental in NYC or anything, but the quality of this room appeared to be extremely low-budget and not matching of the price I paid ($192.93).

I actually stood there for a minute looking around mumbling to myself “seriously?” over and over. It was not what I was expecting, and I would’ve turned around and left if it weren’t for the fact that it was after 11 PM and this hotel was very conveniently attached to the airport.

Miami International Airport Hotel room
Miami International Airport Hotel room. Not quite what I was expecting. This view looks decent, but…
Miami International Airport Hotel room details
…this view shows how basic and low-budget this place is.
Miami International Airport Hotel disappointing room
I was so disappointed with this room!
Miami International Airport Hotel furniture
No fancy furniture here.
Miami International Airport Hotel ceiling
Ceiling detail. This is a very old structure.
Miami International Airport Hotel bed
I will admit that from certain angles this room did look decent.
Miami International Airport Hotel decor
I was digging the color scheme too.
Miami International Airport Hotel bathroom door
The bathroom door.
Miami International Airport Hotel TV
Wall-mounted TV and a teeny-tiny piece of furniture sitting awkwardly beneath it.

Insider Info
Tips for having the best experience at this property
  • Bring your own food! Dining options are limited at this hotel, but there are several restaurants (and shops) located within walking distance inside the terminal.
  • Lower your expectations. Yes, the rooms are a little outdated. No, you probably won't hate it if you know this before going in.

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Miami International Airport Hotel closet
The exposed closet was a big reason for the room feeling cheap IMHO.
Miami International Airport Hotel food menu
The coffee table in the corner with coffee and a menu to the restaurant downstairs (which was not affiliated with the hotel).
Miami International Airport Hotel alarm clock and phone
The bedside table with an alarm clock and phone.
Miami International Airport Hotel thumbs down
Just in case you misunderstood my feelings about this room. Keep reading though, because it’s not all doom and gloom.

Being attached to the airport seemed to be the only redeeming value of this place, and it’s hard to justify staying here if I didn’t need to be so close to the airport.

The view

Miami International Airport Hotel view
Ok, enough of the harsh words. The view of the airport terminal was fairly decent.
Miami International Airport Hotel view of tower
Make sure you are at least wearing underwear though, because they are watching.

The bathroom

Miami International Airport Hotel bathroom
I will admit that the bathroom was actually pretty nice too.
Miami International Airport Hotel bathroom fixtures
I wouldn’t go as far as to call it luxurious, but the fixtures were new and nice.
Miami International Airport Hotel tub
Why are American tubs so shallow? I’m not complaining though, as this was clean and perfectly functional.
Miami International Airport Hotel shower head
The only thing that I didn’t really like about the bathroom was the water pressure from this shower head. Weeeeeaaak!
Miami International Airport Hotel bathroom amenities
The bathroom amenities.

Final thoughts

As you can see, this is pretty “low end” on the scale of airport hotel quality (at least in my experience). It was dark, stinky, and kind of ugly from some angles. However, let me say this: by the end of my stay here, the place had grown on me quite a bit.

For an airport hotel, it was extremely quiet, and the view of the terminal from my window was amazing. Most importantly, being attached to the airport was highly convenient – especially for an airport as busy and large as MIA.

Pro Tip
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  • Booking engines are sometimes able to offer the lowest prices thanks to special partnerships they’ve developed with the hotel brands. 
  • Most booking engines have excellent loyalty / reward programs (which makes it easy to accumulate points for free nights). This is one of the reasons how I’m able to travel so frequently.

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