Choosing to stay at the Courtyard Marriott at the Calgary Airport (YYC) was a relatively simple decision. I was looking for something that was both cheap(ish) and very close to the airport, and this was the first property that popped up in my search results.

I like easy and cheap, so I congratulated myself for a job well done as I quickly made the reservation.

A full review of my 1 night stay at the Courtyard Marriott at the Calgary Airport

It’s important to note that the Courtyard Marriott is not the closest hotel to the Calgary Airport. The Calgary Airport Marriott is the one attached directly to the terminal (and it’s the one I recommend). The naming of the two is confusing, so just be aware of that when making your reservation.

First impressions

I arrived via a complimentary shuttle bus from the airport, and I was glad to see that that it was a large and clean property. It didn’t appear to be all that busy either. Check in was a breeze, and I was on my way up to my room in just minutes.

Courtyard Marriott YYC exterior
Courtyard Marriott YYC exterior – looks pretty good from the outside!

The lobby

Courtyard Marriott Calgary check in desk
This is the main lobby – the check in counter consists of those three small podiums along the back wall.
Courtyard Marriott Calgary Airport lobby
This is the in-house restaurant (as seen from directly the opposite direction from the previous pic). I ended up having dinner here this night, so more pics from here later on in this review…
Courtyard Marriott YYC airline check in
There was lots to see during the walk to the elevator. First up is the boarding pass / check in station – very convenient!
Courtyard Marriott YYC business center
A few steps beyond that in the next room was this huge and very library-like business center.
Courtyard Marriott Calgary Airport lobby lounge
The opposite side of this room was very homey and lounge-like with a real fireplace and big screen TV.
Courtyard Marriott YYC elevators
Finally, here we are at the elevators.

Getting to my room

Courtyard Marriott YYC hallway
I haven’t even made it to my room yet and I’m already digging the style of this hotel. Here’s what the guest room hallways look like.
Courtyard Marriott YYC room door
The door to 510 – my room for the night!

The room

Courtyard Marriott YYC room
The room as seen upon stepping through the door. This is basically a fancy-pants version of the room I recently had at the Dulles Airport Marriott.
Courtyard Marriott Calgary Airport room detail
Oooh, nice little detail there. I like!
Courtyard Marriott Calgary room decor
Walking a bit deeper into the room, and as you can see, it’s pretty basic for the most part.
Courtyard Marriott YYC sofa
I’m a big fan of sofas and coffee tables in hotel rooms. It’s usually the place where I get most of my work done.
Courtyard Marriott YYC room colors
While quite basic, I thought this room was very well designed with nice finishes everywhere. And what is is with the Marriott brand and their obsession with the color orange. I felt orange-overload during my stay at the IAH Marriott, but this takes the cake.
Courtyard Marriott YYC room layout
Underneath all those fancy materials is just a basic hotel room though – the layout wasn’t anything special.
Courtyard Marriott Calgary Airport room
Here’s a wide angle view of the entire room just so you can get a sense of what the space is like.
Courtyard Marriott YYC in room desk
Now that’s a tiny desk!
Courtyard Marriott Calgary Airport mini bar
Adjacent to the main entrance was this mini-bar area.
Courtyard Marriott Calgary Airport in room refrigerator
Behind the door was a safe and decent size refrigerator.
Courtyard Marriott Calgary Airport kitchenette
Another wide-angle pic showing how the mini-bar area is wedged into the space. The main entrance is to the right.
Courtyard Marriott Calgary Airport view
The view from my 5th floor window isn’t much to write about, but at least it was a nice day out there.

The bathroom

Courtyard Marriott YYC bathroom
While quite big, I found the bathroom to be a bit less stylish than the rest of the room.
Courtyard Marriott Calgary Airport bathroom
Nothing fancy here!
Courtyard Marriott YYC bathroom vanity
The texture of that vanity gave me a headache… (#firstworldproblems, I know)
hotel reviewer selfie
A little behind-the-scenes action here. This is what I look like when I’m doing hotel reviews!
Courtyard Marriott Calgary bathroom
The rest of the bathroom, showing the toilet on the right, and a huge shower on the left.
Courtyard Marriott YYC shower
Check out the size of that shower!
Courtyard Marriott YYC shower controls
The shower was very nice – but the door was in a very awkward spot in relation to where you are supposed to turn on the water. There’s no way to get the water running without getting soaked!
Courtyard Marriott YYC toilet
Basic. Simple. Clean. All one really needs in a toilet!
Courtyard Marriott YYC Paul Mitchell bathroom amenities
Paul Mitchell amenities here in the bathroom.

Food and dining

It was almost 7pm by the time I got situated in my room and was ready to grab dinner. Room service would have been a nice option, but since it wasn’t available, I went back downstairs to check out the menu for Barlow (the in-house restaurant).

It looked really good – and a bit expensive – but it was convenient and I didn’t really know what else to do if I didn’t choose to eat here. It ended up being a good choice for dinner. The food was tasty, fast, and the service friendly. Can’t ask for anything better than that!

Courtyard Marriott Calgary Airport restaurant
View of the (empty) restaurant from my table. I was really hungry, so I appreciated the fast service!
Courtyard Marriott YYC restaurant
I pretty much had the place to myself this evening, which was nice.
courtyard YYC hotel bar Barlow restaurant
The bar *crickets*
Courtyard Marriott YYC restaurant seating
I took way too many pictures of this place, but it’s not very often I have the chance to get hotel review footage without other people blocking the best shots!
Courtyard Marriott YYC restaurant soup
On to the meal pics! This tomato soup starter was quite tasty.
Courtyard Marriott YYC restaurant salmon and mushrooms
Following that was a delicious plate of salmon and mushrooms. This hit the spot!
Courtyard Marriott YYC restaurant breakfast
This restaurant was so convenient that I returned for breakfast the next morning. It’s hard to go wrong with oatmeal and yogurt to start the day, right?

Final thoughts

My one night stay here at the Courtyard Marriott at the Calgary Airport was a very good experience. The property is fairly new, the rooms are in great shape, and the staff was extremely friendly.

The shuttle bus situation is a bit inconvenient though. They only come by once an hour so you have to plan ahead if you’re coming from the airport. As long as you are aware of that before you book this hotel, you can’t really go wrong with staying here.

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