Easily one of the best health and fitness related purchases I’ve ever made has been a ROAD iD (the Stretch Band version).

Not only because it will help first responders quickly identify the body if something horrible happens while I’m out exercising (lol), but because the entire process was kinda fun.

They kept surprising me with whimsical status updates from the moment I ordered it to the day it arrived in my mailbox (which was both amusing and reassuring). It was basically the most fun that I’ve ever had purchasing a rubber band.

A brutally honest review of my ROAD iD (Stretch Band)

For the record, this was the second ROAD iD that I’ve purchased over the past 10 years. I lost my first one a few months ago, so I had no choice bust out my credit card and order a replacement. I’m glad I did, because the entire process reminded me of how great of a company this is. And no, they are not paying me to say that.

The folks at ROAD iD are basically marketing geniuses. Every part of the process (from configuring my band, to placing the order, to receiving it in the mail) was filled with pleasant little surprises.


Instead of showing up in a generic box with nothing but the stretch band inside, it was nice to see how far the folks at ROAD iD went out of their way to make the unboxing process a fun and engaging experience.

ROAD iD envelope and packaging
This is the package that arrived in my mailbox. How awesome would life be if credit card companies could make their envelopes as even half as interesting as this?
ROAD iD envelope and packaging contents
The contents of the envelope. Shame on me for thinking that it was just going to be a rubber band in a plastic bag.
ROAD iD stretch band box
The top and bottom of the box containing my new Stretch Band. This wasn’t supposed to be so fun!

Not only were the graphics on the box fun and whimsical, I really appreciate the fact that they sent me all three sizes of bands – even though I had specified only one. Thanks guys (and gals)!

ROAD iD stretch band box contents
**** me! Looks like they sent me all three band sizes even though I only specified one.
ROAD iD stretch band small medium and large
I have no idea what I’m going to do with all three sizes, but it’s never a bad thing to have options I guess.
Fitting the metal ID plaque over road ID stretch band
Warning: you’ll be cussing like a drill sergeant (a really ticked off one) as you try to fit the metal ID plaque over the band. It ain’t easy.
metal ID plaque fitment road ID stretch band
Success! (as long as you can deal with a few bloody fingertips)

Fit and comfort

I’ll be honest: I wish that the band itself was a little more stretchy. Yes, it’ll stretch really far if you get aggressive with it. The problem is that I’ve got small wrists and big hands, so getting the small band to fit over my pudgy paws was a little difficult.

That’s why I decided to use the largest band and accept the fact that it won’t fit tight on my wrist. Oh well. At least I know it’s not going fall off.

ROAD iD stretch band large size on small wrist
This is what the large size band looks like on my puny wrists next to my Garmin Epix Pro.

I also like the fact that it’s really light weight. Once I get it on, I forget that it’s even there.

Road ID Stretch Band in a hotel room
Even though it’s loose, being so light makes me not even care. Here I am demonstrating it during my one night stay at the W Seattle. I have a fear of dying in hotel rooms, OK?


The ROAD iD Stretch Band is extremely strong. This will become evident when you first get it and struggle to fit the metal ID plaque over the band. You really have to stretch that sucker out – to the point where you’ll feel like it’s going to snap. But it won’t. It’s really tough, and you’ll never have to worry about it coming apart on you.

For what it’s worth, my first ROAD iD Stretch Band lasted 10 years without a single rip or tear. The only reason why I had to replace it was because I lost it.

Pros and cons

Trying to come up with a list of things that I like about my ROAD iD Stretch Band is extremely easy. Trying to come up with things I don’t like about it is a lot more challenging. No, it’s not perfect, but for the price, it’s the best identification wristband on the market.


  • It’s extremely lightweight. You’ll likely not even notice that you’re wearing it.
  • It’s very strong. You’re not going to rip it, and It’s not going to come apart on you. It’ll basically last forever.
  • Customer support is next-level fantastic. I  had to contact them and ask how to clamp the metal plaque onto the band (because I’m an idiot), and they responded within 24 hours with a detailed explanation.


  • The band isn’t quite as stretchy as I would like. Yes, it does stretch, but being a little more flexible would be nice.
  • Getting the metal ID plaque to fit over the band was a mother******. The patience of a saint will be required to get that bad boy into place.

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